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Protea Venus, the gorgeous pink protea you are seeing for sale all over Cape Town at the moment is very close to our hearts here at Fabulous Fynbos.

My mother, the enterprising Pam Michell started growing proteas commercially on Calenick Farm around 1960 in the Banhoek Valley just outside Stellenbosch. She was one of the first exporters of proteas in the country. During this time my mom planted numerous seedlings on the farm that she had collected and propagated. Her hope was that a hybrid would be created by the cross-pollination of these wild plants. Well in the late 1980’s this is just what happened.

Pam noticed a bush with gorgeous pink blooms and narrow leaves growing amongst the protea orchards. This beautiful protea plant turned out to be a hybrid created by the chance crossing of Protea aristata that she had collected from the Swartberg and Protea repens, our local sugar bush or suikerbossie. Mom called this beauty Venus. 

Venus has been exported to all parts of the world ever since and is now cultivated throughout South Africa as well as around the globe. When I asked my mother why she called this protea Venus, she said it was after the goddess of love - this stunning protea could only represent love with such a beautiful, vibrant pink colour. 

As a child, I spent many hours helping my mother with protea arrangements and, later in life, helping my brother manage the protea farm. It is no surprise then that I feel I have fynbos in my blood.

My aim is that our products, arrangements and installations will create a beauty, elegance and stunning display of these fabulous local flowers for any event and space. And that we capture the essence of the vision of each client. 

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