Protea Suppliers

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There is nothing more stunning than a vase or cluster of vases showcasing South Africa’s natural floral beauty in a reception area or restaurant. Because they are so versatile, varied and long-lasting, proteas and fynbos are a perfect match to enhance any décor.

In Summer we replace the florals once a week and in Winter every 10 days - 2 weeks.

We also offer workshops at various venues. We focus on working with proteas and fynbos and combining them with garden flowers and greens for fabulous vase arrangements, table settings, wedding bouquets, head crowns, Christmas wreaths etc. We also host customized workshops for your individual event.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like floral décor for your hotel, office, restaurant or home, or if you are interested in our workshops. We offer different packages and options to suit your needs.