The quintessential South African bouquet

Published: Monday 4th of September 2017

Your wedding bouquet is surely the most important decor feature of the wedding ceremony. Not only does it reflect the bride’s personality, but it sets the look and feel of the wedding decor. It’s your stand-out accessory (after the groom of course!) while you say your vows in front of those you love.

If you love weddings and spend any time on Pinterest at all, you will notice that Protea-inspired bouquets are all the rage. And rightfully so. Fynbos is absolutely gorgeous, versatile and resilient - no bruising of petals here! The hardy flowers also dry really well, allowing your bouquet to remain intact years after your ceremony.

Whether you are going for a purist fynbos look or a mix of roses, gypsophila and other garden flowers, Proteas and fynbos can be used to create the most stunning bouquets. Proteas in particular are a favourite because they provide the focal point around which the rest of the ensemble can be arranged.

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The story of Venus

Published: Thursday 27th of July 2017


Protea Venus, the gorgeous pink protea you are seeing for sale all over Cape Town at the moment is very close to our hearts here at Fabulous Fynbos.

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How do bridal expos work?

Published: Friday 26th of May 2017

CTICC Siphlele

If you’re attending any upcoming wedding expos you’ll soon find that it’s rather tricky to judge what a company’s exact approach is to helping you achieve your dream wedding. So we thought we’d share our behind the scenes process so that when you find Fabulous Fynbos’ stand you’ll know exactly who we are.

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What to expect when you work with Fabulous Fynbos

Published: Thursday 16th of March 2017

Planning a wedding is no small task. Between the budgets and family politics, you’ve got a lot on your plate already so we thought we’d share what to expect when working with Fabulous Fynbos. Here’s our process from start to finish in six easy steps. We wish we could do the same for seating arrangements but our super powers are limited to the floral kind!

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Two of a kind

Published: Monday 12th of December 2016

Pincushion in the wild

It is perhaps not common knowledge that a number of the Proteas, Leucospermums (Pincushions) and even the Leucadendrons (Cone bush) that one sees for sale in supermarkets, deli’s and florists are hybrids of two wild ‘parent’ species. For example the yellowy-orange Pincushion, Leucospermum conocarpodendron that has recently been flowering in the mountains around Cape Town, is one of the parents of the commercially grown Lsp. Veldfire and Lsp. Tango. Just as Protea aristata is one of the parents of the popular Protea Venus which starts flowering in May.

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Fynbos Colours of March and April

Published: Friday 11th of November 2016

P. Ivy

An early Autumn wedding is the perfect occasion to mark changing seasons and new beginnings. March and April offer a Protea and Fynbos palette characterised by soft pinks, dark purples and greys. Although there’s still some time before we wear long sleeved pajamas, getting a head start on planning your flower arrangements can never be a bad thing.

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Fynbos Colours of December and January: Dusty Pinks and Velvet Creams

Published: Thursday 13th of October 2016

Dusty Pinks and Velvet Creams

Late sunsets, early morning  cups of coffee on the stoep and a beautiful array of Proteas and fynbos are just some of our favourite things to indulge in during December and January.

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Wedding bouquet bliss

Published: Friday 16th of September 2016

Nancy's bouquet

As your best friend walks down the aisle you notice the joy in her face, the delicate lace detail on her dress and the beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands. Her wedding bouquet is a sneak peek of the day ahead; an elegant, yet soft ceremony that rang true to the bride and groom.

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Why Fynbos and Proteas are the Perfect Wedding Decor

Published: Monday 22nd of August 2016

Colour Palette Versatility

We live in an era where your wedding really can be an extension of exactly who you are. From an event with any theme you can think of, to wearing the wedding dress of your wildest dreams, you can do it all.Your wedding flowers will be in almost every photograph and add a definitive style to your special day. So how do you ensure you make the best choice?

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Fynbos is Good for Business!

Published: Monday 15th of August 2016

Fynbos Bouquet

Flowers have the ability to completely transform a space. Not only are they associated with positive energy and increased happiness, which is good for any business, but also create unique effects for specific types of work environments.

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