Fynbos Colours of March and April

Published: Friday 11th of November 2016

P. Ivy

An early Autumn wedding is the perfect occasion to mark changing seasons and new beginnings. March and April offer a Protea and Fynbos palette characterised by soft pinks, dark purples and greys. Although there’s still some time before we wear long sleeved pajamas, getting a head start on planning your flower arrangements can never be a bad thing.

This time of year sees smaller to medium Proteas in flower. If rich pinks are what you’re after, the petite P. Ivy and P. Mundii Merritime are usually still around the beginning of March. Once open they reveal soft pink stamens, which look beautiful both on their own or with combined softer fynbos varieties. But as we know nature doesn’t always take your event planning schedule into account.

Imagine it’s your wedding day and the peonies you special ordered aren’t completely open. Now your bouquet doesn’t look quite right and grey clouds are gathering on the horizon. Luckily, this is where choosing Proteas is the stress free choice. Closed Proteas add contrasting shapes and colours to arrangements and can be used in-between garden flowers too. Order an extra bunch with a card to send home with your new mother in-law and when they open up to show off their pink centre you’ll be in the good books for sure!

If you’re planning a March wedding and want to create a bridal bouquet that’s still unique, but doesn’t take away from the detail on your vintage wedding dress then you’re in luck. At this time of year the gorgeous Protea Susara starts to flower. Its’ soft creamy pink colouring is elegant, whilst still retaining the boldness that make Proteas so popular around the world.

Another striking Protea in flower during March/April is the P. Niobe. Its inky purple-black centre is enclosed by light creamy-green bracts. One of our favourite ways to incorporate the P. Niobe into arrangements is to combine them with white roses or lizianthus and grey penny gum.

The end of summer also means having plenty fynbos to choose from. Our top picks include the delicate Leucadendrons (Cone bush), the vibrant red Lcd. Safari Sunset and the dusty yellow Lcd. Inca Gold. If pastels are more your style, the slightly more whimsical pink-tipped Lcd is also available.

Lastly, just like gelato is never quite the same without a sugar cone, a flower arrangement is never complete without carefully chosen fillers. So add Erica Pink and the lovely Erica Prince-of Wales to your list.

They are both gorgeous fillers which give a pop of pink to arrangements. Their delicate nature means that they are never overpowering. You can combine them with Stoebe or the unusual bauble shaped Silver Brunia. Erica also makes the perfect pew posies tied with a pretty white ribbon or natural twine or raffia.