Fynbos Colours of December and January: Dusty Pinks and Velvet Creams

Published: Thursday 13th of October 2016

Dusty Pinks and Velvet Creams

Late sunsets, early morning  cups of coffee on the stoep and a beautiful array of Proteas and fynbos are just some of our favourite things to indulge in during December and January.


During the peak of summer you can find a lovely variety of pink and white Proteas. During the first half of December you should still be able to find the gorgeous light pink King Protea (Protea Cynaroides). It’s the perfect addition to a summer bridal bouquet and provides a beautiful, focal point as table decor - either on its own or combined with roses, baby’s breath and other softer garden flowers. If you want to add a more dramatic touch to your decor, another Protea flowering during December is Protea Barbigera. It’s a deeper pink compared to the King Protea and has t fine hairs that frame each bract. Its’ black centre will add colour, depth and drama to any flower arrangement.

If neutrals are more your thing, a white version of Protea Barbigera, often called the Ice Queen, is also available.

Later in December and early January the petite Protea Repens (commonly known as the Sugarbush) starts to flower. These are a lovely bright pink and open up fairly widely, showing the contrasting white centre and cream colour of the lower bracts. Like the Protea Barbigera, there is also a white version of Protea Repens which starts flowering in January. It looks beautiful in a bouquet between white or dusty-pink roses.

The softer pink Protea Carnival and Pink Ice also grace us with their presence in January. They are fairly big but do not open as the King Protea and Protea Repens do. They look lovely combined with soft white garden flowers and greens.


During December and January you’ll find fynbos fillers that are  gorgeous greys, greens and whites. Combined with Proteas they create a colour palette that perfectly compliments a rustic yet elegant look. Some of the popular fynbos available at this time of year are Spray Brunia, Paleacea Green and Paranomous. The ever-popular light-grey Stoebe gives the bridal bouquet and table decor a lovely fynbos fizz (and smells gorgeous too).

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