Why Fynbos and Proteas are the Perfect Wedding Decor

Published: Monday 22nd of August 2016

Colour Palette Versatility

We live in an era where your wedding really can be an extension of exactly who you are. From an event with any theme you can think of, to wearing the wedding dress of your wildest dreams, you can do it all.Your wedding flowers will be in almost every photograph and add a definitive style to your special day. So how do you ensure you make the best choice?

To help you make the best decision, the team at Fabulous Fynbos thought we’d give you some of the reasons we think fynbos and proteas are perfect wedding decor. As well as some of the ideas and insights we’ve shared with brides along the way.

Colour Palette Versatility

Weddings no longer have to be a matching affair. Proteas and fynbos create endless accent colour combinations. Ranging from dusty pinks and champagne to dramatic deep oranges and purples. If you want to still add a more traditional wedding flower, we often also add roses, baby’s breath and inca lilies to the bouquets. Allowing you to truly customise your decor.


No one wants to walk down the aisle holding a bunch of wilted flowers. Fynbos and protea are amazingly hardy and long-lasting, both in and out of water. Some species of fynbos can last for months. Whilst bearded proteas such as Barbigera, Niobe, Didi, which are flowering at the moment, also last for an extended period of time. Dried fynbos and proteas can also be used and add a distinct rustic feel to your special day.

Being Environmentally Conscious

Proteas and fynbos as are a good option for couples who are environmentally conscious as they are not 'forced' grown in tunnels or controlled environments. They are either grown in orchards or harvested from the wild on privately owned lands (both require permits and is strictly controlled). Also, of course they require very little water, which is an important factor to consider as South Africa is still experiencing a drought. Also, if your wedding is in the Western Cape your flowers don’t need to travel far to reach you, so less petrol!

Connection to Place

The Fabulous Fynbos team has often found that when planning wedding decor at least one of the partners has a special connect to fynbos and proteas. Reasons range from living in the Cape to one bride’s mother being given a bouquet of blushing bride proteas when she was born. Fynbos and proteas are a budget-friendly option, which add a sense of authenticity to any event and showcase South Africa’s natural beauty.