Fynbos is Good for Business!

Published: Monday 15th of August 2016

Fynbos Bouquet

Flowers have the ability to completely transform a space. Not only are they associated with positive energy and increased happiness, which is good for any business, but also create unique effects for specific types of work environments.

The Fabulous Fynbos team prides itself on supplying the freshest, highest quality fynbos and proteas and have a range of services available, including corporate arrangements.

A complete dining experience

It is said that to create a truly unique dining experience, all the senses need to be stimulated. Adding flowers to your restaurant add both a beautiful sight and a subtle, fresh woodland aroma. Our flowers can be found from Cape Point to the Franschhoek Valley.

Does your office reflect your business?

Adding flowers to your office instantly creates a sense that your company cares about its staff and values the space they work in as well as the clients that visit. Research has also found that flowers in the workplace improve productivity and innovative thinking. Some evidence has even suggested that flowers lower high blood pressure and decrease overall absenteeism!

Our service
We offer a regular service of supplying offices, shops and restaurants with flower arrangements which last 10 to 14 days. Delivery can be arranged and worked into your business’ tailored service.